Sunday, 30 December 2012

It's Sunday - Amazon event

I like Sundays for all sorts of reasons. I enjoy church, the pub at lunchtime and football on TV and I'm sure some 'better' Christians than me would be curling their lips at some of my choices. However, I will still profess my Christianity irrespective of other people's approval or otherwise. 
We had a visiting preacher today who's sermon was very political in a Victorian sense; I met someone who I haven't seen for years and I was given a task to do for a future parish magazine. Who says church is boring?
In the pub a group of us socialised over a couple of drinks and discussed the church service and the structure of our church in the future.
The football contained a couple of examples of human compassion and care. Firstly, there was a minutes applause for ex-footballers who have died in 2012; and secondly, a footballer scored and lifted his club shirt to display a t-shirt beneath emblazoned with 'God is Great'. 

A perfectly stimulating day of rest in the name of God.

The Musings of a Confused Mind

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God Bless