Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Poetry Thursday 40 - Christmas poetry.

 Scrooge and the ghost of Christmas Present

The 1984 version of Dickens' story is my favourite even though George is and American he carries the role off perfectly.
I attended a group at church on Tuesday evening, appropriately named 'Choose Day', concerning Christmas Poetry. It was a very interesting hour amongst friends and we were served up fine pieces some of which are listed below:-

'Carol' - John Short (a Westmorland poet who lived 1911 - 1991)
'The Journey of the Magi' - TS Eliot
'Christmas' - John Betjeman (

My personal favourite was the Betjeman for its clever imagery and plain English! Please forgive my poor efforts but it is good to try.

A Christmas Sonnet

Jesus is the reason for the season
We would all do well to remember that
A less focus on this fiscal treason
The modern way leaves atmosphere flat

A time of hopeful joy and endless love
The anticipation affects us all
Celebrating God’s child from above
With bright lights, rich gifts and beasts in a stall

Two thousand and more years have passed since then
The lessons taught should be everlasting
Will we have learned when he returns again?
It would be wrong to ignore his passing

Let’s have a wonderful time this Christmas
Warming hearts with genuine closeness
©David L Atkinson December 2012

God Bless