Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Poetry Thursday 41 - John Betjeman and me

 Sir John Betjeman

As I mentioned in a previous blog I was treated to an example of the former poet laureate's great work and was totally captivated. The poem was 'Christmas' and seems to have been written between the wars but has not aged in its message. In my self-indulgent arrogance I decided to try one of his styles the result reproduced below.

Good News

It starts when the weather changes
Colour, light reflection and good will
The excitement grows beyond normal ranges
Food and drink your tum to fill
The birth of a special child began it
An ordinary event that disturbed a planet

Over two thousand years ago it started
By shining star and on tired feet
Not by text or tweet was the news imparted
The birth of the Lord was on the street
An occurrence of future significance
A blessing for us all of magnificence

But what have we done with this blessing?
Our hearts didn't intend to forget
Such selfless love is amazing
Don’t blank its power – then regret
The seasonal cheer should be auspicious
But 21st Century attitudes are capricious

A statute in law should be enacted
Christmas WILL be enjoyed by all
The nations legally contracted
To ensure everyone has a ball
Appreciate the Yuletide sessions
Or back to school for the lessons
©David L Atkinson December 2012

Whatever you think of my effort the point is that I was inspired by someone else's writing. In all honesty the poem turned out slightly less positive than I intended but I will explore the style further. It is interesting when writing poetry how it seems to have an inbuilt emotional drive that comes from the writer - me in this case. It could be an indicator of when best to write certain types of poetry. I know that recently, having gone through a personally difficult time, the stuff I was writing reflected my state of mind but if I wish to write more uplifting poetry my mood needs to be happier. Logical I suppose.

God Bless