Monday, 3 December 2012

Tuesday Recipe - Root veg fries

 Healthy Fries!

Calling this way of cooking vegetables as 'fries' is not that accurate but could be a method of getting vegetables into unwilling children. I've always found that roasting or baking vegetables releases their natural sweetness. I have always experimented with different types of veg and this plate includes courgettes, carrots and parsnips. The courgettes, being much softer, only take half the time to bake. The full recipe is on the tab above.
On this occasion I've served the fries with a piece of belly pork roasted on a bed of sliced apple and onions and with potatoes. Also included is packet sage and onion stuffing and apple sauce. It made for a very tasty and slightly Christmassy meal.

Another December Poem

Christmas Dinner

Pork, stuffing and apple sauce
All the trimmings as well of course
Over-faced with Christmas pudding
Afternoon snooze is in the offing

Friends and family round the table
Mum creates as she is able
All appreciate the festive feast
A meal fit to sate the hungriest beast

From rich to poor all will try
To feed the throng and none will fry
Traditional fayre is what’s required
A test for the culinary aspired

Whatever – no guest will complain
They will find good no matter how plain
When all is done and the work is over
The later day gives time to recover

Till next year!
©David L Atkinson December 2012

God Bless