Monday, 7 January 2013

A Tuesday Recipe - Chicken Dumpling Soup

Bouillon de poulet avec des quenelles de volailles

A very tasty meal and you don't need much in the line of added side dishes as the dumplings are very filling. The soup is more of a consomm√© and is quite tasty by itself. I began with frying off onions and garlic which are not in Rachel Khoo's original recipe but I think they form a good tasty basis for most dishes.
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Below is a photograph of a more traditional french way of eating quenelles. Cook as per the recipe but in boiling water not soup. When ready cover with grated cheese or a cheese sauce and grill until the cheese browns and bubbles. Real comfort food.

There are lots of uses for the technique of making quenelle. In parts of France they are made from fish but you can use mushrooms, liver or meat as well. The technique can help with presentation with any mashed vegetable, or even sweet foods such as ice cream or chocolate. 
My technique needs some work!

God Bless