Monday, 28 January 2013

A Tuesday Recipe - Pork and Parmesan Cannelloni

If you like making lasagne, try this instead. I think it is slightly quicker than lasagne as there's no white sauce to make. You simply roll up the meat mixture in lasagne sheets and top with tomato sauce and cheese. A jar of tomato sauce - I use the Dolmio brand - makes it even quicker to make. 
As always the full recipe is on the TAB above.

 From the oven

This recipe works every bit as well with beef, lamb or chicken mince.
Chopped mushrooms, courgettes (zuchini) or spinach all make perfect additions to the meat mixture. I can vouch for the mushrooms.

 On the plate



Pork and Parmesan
Warm and tangy Italy
Tomato heaven

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God Bless