Saturday, 19 January 2013

Being from the fifties - progress for its sake?

The Fifties were rather like a an innocent child in comparison with what we experience half a century on from there. In my writing I hope that something of that innocence comes through as I feel there is a richness also that is in danger of being forgotten. I am sure future generations will say similar things about the sixties, seventies and so on. 
BUT there must come a point where people are losing out on interactions with their fellow human beings when technology has become such a huge part of everyday life. Perhaps these thoughts are going to be reflected in my new novel 'Cessation' which will be a futuristic divination into life when it all falls apart!

Being from the Fifties

No frozen food just rickets and 5 a day,
gold top milk with 3 inches of high cholesterol cream.
A rag and bone man collecting – toys to pay
for a home and a cart and a simple dream

Life without TV – a Christmas wireless,
simple pleasures, natural foods and love.
Why did we need technological progress?
What we had was given from above.

Man is a dynamic and greedy being
and we claim that progress moves us onward
Are there limits to induce some tempering?
Should we not reconsider and look backwards.

When will all this progress come to fruition?
Will the final analysis be favourable
or will the race career on to perdition?
Have we the brightness to return to simple table?

Age causes a longing for what felt good in youth.
Maturity demands the best of what went before.
Seniority introduces fear of the uncouth
and causes us to crave what held us in good store.

Is there an end or just change?
©David L Atkinson January 2013

God Bless