Thursday, 17 January 2013

Crane driver late for work and lives! - God's mysterious ways.

The tragic news of the helicopter crash in London yesterday is all over the newspapers this morning. The reason for the machine coming down was that the pilot hit the top of a crane in freezing fog. The crane operator hadn't arrived as he was running late.

A crane driver is counting his lucky stars today after a helicopter crashed into his cabin in London, but he was not there because, for the first time, he was late for work. A colleague, van driver Paul Robinson, 42, said the crane driver would have been "wiped out" if he had been on time this morning. Instead, he was still climbing up the crane's shaft when disaster struck. Site workers said the crane driver, who has not been identified, had never been late before. He is understood to have been held up while dropping his children at school. Mr Robinson said: "He was halfway up to his cabin, he was making his way up by ladders when the helicopter hit. He would have been wiped out if he had been on time."
Another strategy that could be useful when constructing your stories. Bizarre coincidences can also help you out of sticky patches when things are becoming a little complex in your plots.
The film 'Keeping Mum' has a wonderful cast, including Dame Maggie Smith and Rowan Atkinson, and  as an integral part of the plot the Reverend is preparing a talk on 'God's Mysterious Ways'. It makes you wonder how God was working when the crane driver who'd never been late for work was late and yet the poor helicopter pilot and a man in the street were both killed. You could speculate forever. In another Morgan Freeman film (Evan Almighty) where he plays God he produces a string of examples of the way God works eg.
"If you pray to God to be brave does he give you courage or provide opportunities for you to be courageous?"
Things happen in the world and it may be the case that there is a superior being with some control over the those things, but it must be remembered that there is always a human element also. Again aspects of life that may help you write your book.

 Another Maggie Smith Film!

She is a brilliant actress and in this film she is a housekeeper with a rather interesting sideline!

God Bless