Thursday, 31 January 2013

Creative talent - Kelvin Okafor

 Kelvin Okafor

Portraits of perfection: No, they're not photos, but pencil drawings by a young genius from a tough council estate

  • Subjects range from singers Beyonce and Amy Winehouse to Mother Teresa and Princess Diana
  • Each expressive piece is made using primarily a set of pencils and the occasional stick of charcoal on paper
  • Artist Kelvin Okafor is gaining great acclaim for his incredible work.
This guy is brilliant and his work is being exhibited in the Science Museum. 

 Tinie Tempah   Mother Theresa

All of these extraordinarily detailed pictures are pencil drawings, created purely by hand — with no digital trickery — by British artist Kelvin Okafor, whose only tools are a set of pencils, a piece of paper and the occasional stick of charcoal (though most of the pictures don’t even require that). Yet no matter how closely one looks, there’s not a pencil line in sight.

I wish!!!

I used to do a little sketching but it is embarrassingly poor in comparison with the above but it won't stop me trying.

The message for all people who aspire to have a go at some form creativity, including writing, is in the words of Kelvin - be patient.

Having had a bit of a rant yesterday about how controlled our lives are I couldn't resist mentioning the 'tax' on spare rooms that the government are proposing to introduce that will affect the poorest income group. It is not exactly a tax but it is a reduction in benefit of around £14/week if you live in council or housing association property. It reminded me of Henry VIII introducing a beard tax in 1535 and the window taxes of the 18th and 19th century. 

I wonder if the landed gentry that run our country are going to levy income tax on the number of spare bedrooms they have in their mansions!

God Bless