Friday, 18 January 2013

My pet hates - behaviours!

Overall I love human beings but sometimes it is in spite of their behaviours not because them. BUT what irritates me may not trouble others - pet hates are very personal. I am sure that all of us feel similarly but when we are writing we can use the feelings of irritation and stress to add depth to our characters. Similarly, types of obsessive compulsive behaviours can be used to explain the actions of our heroes.

Check out Patrick A Steele in the Steele novels.

What inspired this blog are both reactions of people I know, who have expressed their pet hates. So here we go:-

Cinema behaviours

Watching Les Miserables the other day a girl in front giggled aloud when Hugh Jackman or Russel Crowe started to sing irrespective of how poignant the point in the story!

Eating with ones mouth open is unforgivable. I learned my lesson at a very young age - as a young child sat in my high chair I was eating cake and trying to speak to mum, who promptly admonished me for speaking with my mouth full, so I spat the cake into my hand, finished what I was saying and then put it back!

These two examples came from elsewhere but I think most people would be annoyed and revolted in these situations. 

However, there are situations that seem to make little sense. For example there is a couple who come into my local pub chewing gum which I have no problem with, provided the left overs are disposed of properly, but they then order beer and drink it without removing the gum. It must impart a strange flavour!

In the past I have often spoken of the annoyance I experience when certain words are mispronounced by those who are in a position of being able to influence the behaviours of others eg. 'temicher' instead of 'temperature' by weather broadcasters. 'Wensday' instead of 'Wednesday' by newsreaders.

I could go on but the point is that some behaviours that I exhibit may be annoying to others so one must be careful. When it comes to relationships between the characters that we construct in our writing interactions carrying emotion serve to increase reality. I am writing novels that are more action than emotions but there is a love situation that has been on going  throughout all five Steele books but which seems to be coming to some kind of decision. I have felt that the relationship between Patrick and Naomi has needed time to develop but that it is now coming to the point where they need it to move on or stop altogether. Which will it be?

With me - without me?

God Bless