Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Poetry Thursday 45 - Heritage

This poem is inspired by Tony Harrison's 'V'. The style is similar to that of one used by John Betjeman and felt comfortable in this situation.


All that is left are three stones
One of sandstone, two of marble all engraved
There is a gap of years, miles and generations.
I'd like to know more of how we behaved.
Hard lives grafting beneath the earth.
Battling to survive for all they're worth

United by coal, war and Sunderland.
Some played football to a decent standard.
No thought of riches just playing on the land.
Involved in wars some killed and captured.
Little remarkable from my working class.
Exploited by the wealthy over all the years past.

A family born to work throughout life
Built round kindness, love and care,
never causing others any great strife,
but like many striving to increase their share.
Not so different from people the world over
unique, and yet generic - all parts of life to cover
©David L Atkinson January 2013

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God Bless