Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Poetry Thursday 46 - Expectation

In life we all come up against tests, hurdles and examinations of our abilities and naturally we can't always be successful. This poem is as much advice to myself as to anyone else who cares to take the messages on board.


Hope and Expectation

When you have a target in your head,
and the skills with which to win it,
why do you sometimes fail instead
and often within a minute?

No matter what we set out to achieve
irrespective of level of difficulty
the scale of success I believe
is related to mental positivity.

Our great human weakness is self-esteem.
It pervades our behaviours.
The negative sort shatters our dreams
and contributes to our failures.

The best advice that I could give
is to love yourself without limit,
be confident that the life you live
has had no shame within it.

Sadly, there is no guarantee of success,
you do not live in isolation,
but if you have given of your best
then there’s no reason for desolation.
Pack the experiences in your memory bank
and feed on the lessons for next time,
then you will know what or who to thank
when outcomes bring you success sublime.
©David L Atkinson January 2013

God Bless