Saturday, 5 January 2013

The Process - Creativity

I googled the creative process and was regaled with hundreds of flow diagrams, pie charts, decision trees and models, and much more. I decided that the above was the simplest representation, not necessarily one I agree with but SIMPLE!
I don't know about you but it would seem that being creative is about collecting information through your sensory experiences and then allowing your mind the freedom to 'play' with what you've collected. Whether your art is writing, drawing, painting etc if you don't collect, then express your personality and finally release your mind from constraints it would be difficult even to begin.
Creativity is subjective and is the vehicle by which artists explore their world.

Take the set of wooden coasters I have photographed and shared with you. They trigger something in me because they are formed from something natural but could leave others cold and that is the personal and diverse nature of creativity. Yesterday I asked the question 'What do you see?' Look below.

Deciding what you see is a freedom. Without pre-empting and influencing your ideas I saw three possibilities in the above, one of which is a flower. In thinking about that it is no ordinary bloom but looks rather 'Triffid' like. If you allow your imagination to develop that it could lead to a horrific landscape painting, a disturbing story or a dark poem. The beauty of creativity is that if I look at the same piece of wood later today I will probably see something different.


The evil flora.
Malevolence icily
stares waiting for prey.

©David L Atkinson December 2013

God Bless