Thursday, 3 January 2013

Wooden Heart - Creativity

 Wooden Heart

It can be surprising where creativity has its beginnings. This wooden block is from a set of coasters I received as a Christmas present. I love wood, the way its formed, the time factor, patterns and so on but this reminded me of a heart. It doesn't take that much stretch of the imagination really but it was where it lead my mind. In turn I remembered Elvis Presley's 'Wooden Heart' included below for those youngsters who have no recollection of the song. Then I began looking closer at the markings in the wood and it occurred to me that the knot on the right, in what would be the right atrium or auricle in a human heart, could represent a problem for the muscle and therefore the person to whom it belonged. Depressing!
On a lighter note it could be a hard hearted or emotionally defensive person allowing someone to get closer with the prospect of a relationship. Not unlike my hero Patrick Steele and his relationship with Naomi Kobayashi in the second to fifth Steele novels. Perhaps in the fifth, 'Inception of Species', the relationship will  resolve itself into something more satisfactory!

 Elvis Presley

Elvis as a writer - well in fact no he wasn't. It is believed that Elvis collaborated on 8 or possibly 9 songs but was never responsible for any one recorded song out of the 772 songs he was involved with.
I find this quite refreshing in a world where people write a book at the drop of a hat!

God Bless