Friday, 11 January 2013

Writing poetry - Kate's first portrait

Had a great, but brief conversation about poetry writing yesterday. Now I don't consider myself as a great writer of anything. I am a human who gains some satisfaction from expressing myself on paper. However, for many years poetry has helped me with my emotions. See my poetry book 'The Musings of a Confused Mind' which in all honesty is not the most cheerful read but it was written during the last few months of my mother's life. But the conversation sparked interest because the chap I was talking to described an example of writing poetry while under a degree of emotional stress and being able to write rapidly and with meaning. He justified my feelings about poetry - cheers John.

I am fortunate in having some great support from much more accomplished poets, Jo von Bargen and Oscar Sparrow to name but two, but I don't have the visionary techniques that they do. Their ability to awaken the pictorial imagination in the reader is excellent and at times disturbing. I use a variety of styles when writing, rhyming couplets, blank verse, sonnets, haiku, scifaiku and sometimes an amalgam rather like some of John Betjeman's work. I allow the feelings I am expressing choose the style. I have on occasions set out to write a sonnet for example and have accomplished that but I feel beginning with that as an aim has a stilting effect on the finished work. On the other hand if I wish to express feelings on current affairs etc then Haiku is my fall back position but I always try and stick to the rules.

For example
 Kate's first official portrait by Paul Emsley

Kate’s Portrait

I’m really sorry
Royal, warm Kate with fixed smile
How did I lose life
©David L Atkinson January 2013

People will make up their own minds but it is disappointing to say the least. It's one of those pieces of art that looks better the further away you are from it hence the small reproduction above!

God Bless