Sunday, 20 January 2013

Writing, serialising and selling.

I am currently serialising my first Steele novel with Venture Galleries thanks to Caleb Pirtle III and the team and it has come to my mind - has it made a difference?
The reason for the question is because my own effort at serialisation is complete and there seems to be a drop off in visitors to my blog. So has it been of any benefit and my answer is I think so. Sales have not been greatly influenced but I like the idea that I have reached a larger group of people. So my messages are out there being read by more people which is personally satisfying.


The question in my mind now is do I do the same with my 2nd Steele novel 'The 51st State? Your views would be appreciated.

I am around half way through my 5th Steele novel 'The Inception of the Species' but my mind is being fogged by interest in my planned sixth book which is to be a departure from Steele to a more futuristic book about life when everything falls apart! One comment I received recently was that I should write '2084' about life in the future. One aspect of all this attention is a feeling of excitement about the possibilities of future writing projects - very energising!
Of course there is still the poetry which I derive great satisfaction from producing and which has received favourable comment.

I give in! The marketing side impinges too much on my writing time.

God Bless