Saturday, 23 February 2013

A different sport - rules and character building

 A different spin on tackling!

On this International Rugby Union weekend I thought it may be worth considering that sport.

The code of football later known as rugby union can be traced to three events: the first set of written rules in 1845, the Blackheath Club's decision to leave the Football Association in 1863 and the formation of the Rugby Football Union in 1871. The code was originally known simply as "rugby football." I t was not until a schism in 1895, over the payment of players, which resulted in the formation of the separate code of rugby league, that the name "rugby union" was used to differentiate the original rugby code. Rugby was a strictly amateur code of football and imposed bans and restrictions on players who were paid to play. It was not until 1995 that rugby union was declared an "open" game and thus removed all restrictions on payments or benefits to those connected with the game.

I wonder how that relates to American Football?

Today (Saturday) Italy play Wales and England play France. As a child watching these games one of the treats of the French match at Twickenham was the arrival of the French cockerel on the pitch.

Inevitably someone had to go on and catch the bird and remove it but it often raised a laugh or lightened a moment. The questions that arise in my mind are a) did it come from France? and b) if so, how was it got across the Channel?

When constructing a plot you need to ask yourself questions, in my mind, to clarify the actions you are proposing. If you are not careful then action is introduced that bears no relevance to the other parts of your tale and may be out of 'character' for your leading man or woman. In another sense, by maintaining a set of typical behaviours or rules for your characters, the personality of significant people in your stories are strengthened.
I also believe that you need to include weaknesses to produce an all round character, but all the while consistency is essential. Patrick Steele, as capable as he is, but is also obsessive compulsive and occasionally suffers a crisis of conscience about his activities. This brings a level of doubt into his activities and raises the question will he or won't he succeed in his endeavours?

God Bless