Monday, 18 February 2013

A Tuesday Recipe - Macaroni Cheese + crunchy topping.

Macaroni Cheese with a crunch crumb topping

 From the oven

 on the plate

This is a very tasty way of eating macaroni cheese. I must admit at this point that I was never a fan of mac n cheese which I find bland and cloying and probably because I like a little crunch with my food. The topping above is an ideal foil for the traditional dish that it tops.
The quality of the Macaroni cheese also depends upon the bechamel sauce. I used mustard powder, onion, cloves, garlic and nutmeg to flavour the white sauce initially before putting in the cheese. The topping is made from cubes of bread, pancetta (I used streaky bacon) spring onions strong cheddar cheese, parmesan and olive oil for drizzling.

The full recipe is on the appropriate TAB above.

I liked it and if you try it I hope you do to. The crunchy topping could be varied in a number of ways as long as the end result is Le Crunch!

God Bless