Sunday, 24 February 2013

Fonts and history - or People against Change

 Font Design

This may seem a strange title and unusual subject but in fact it is really about people, change and the relevance of history. It is also quite personally relevant. A little factual history to begin with:-

 A rather blurred photo of Christchurch, Battyeford pre 1971

It is pre-1971 because that was the year that this fairly typical Victorian edifice burnt down and was replaced with this in 1973 which I have often heard described as a 'squash court'.

Without going into copious detail about the church itself, we are having a 40th anniversary celebration this year and one question that has arisen is about the font which on occasions has been described as a 'pissoir' mainly because it is constructed of concrete, covered in brown matt finish tiles with a wooden lid and a rather care worn stainless steel bowl inside. 
The time has come for a change as renovation and renewal is called for. This has caused a bit of a storm as the original was installed as a result of a great deal of effort by the children of the church - 40 years ago.

At this point I am deviating away from my personal experience to think about people and change. People struggle to cope with change and that statement is not new but the question is why and how can that be useful in writing? Simply it is about insecurity. People do not cope well with their environment when it is changed particularly if they have no control over that change. They feel insecure and as a result become fearful and subsequently defensive which in turn influences behaviours.

When you are writing stories these factors can help establish patterns of behaviour and resultant actions. In all honesty this blog is about observation, being a student of life. Most stories that are written are based upon human interactions and even SF stories are influenced perhaps in a negative sense. So if you are a writer reading this and are short of the mark in some way then look at the relationships between your characters and ask yourself  - are these interactions realistic?

With regards to our font, horror of horrors, we have another meeting next month because insecurity has another side effect - INDECISIVENESS!!

I used to be indecisive but now I'm not so sure.


Baptismal Font Wars

Tile covered history
Autumn brown dingy spectre
Designers denied
©David L Atkinson February 2013

God Bless