Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Lazy Language - Mackem v Geordie

I am from the north east of England, more specifically Sunderland, the difference between that city and Newcastle, a mere twelve miles away, is colossal. There are certainly other areas that have similar schisms. I'm afraid I'm indulging in my usual rant.

Dialect should be celebrated but I have a real problem with lazy speech and this morning, listening to the news, an unemployed person was interviewed and if I'd been an employer I would have thought twice about employing her. The sad thing was that she was young, looked bright, was smartly dressed but the way she spoke detracted from the overall package. The lady had a south east accent, which is fine, but replacing the letters 'th' with 'f'' has nothing to do with accent.
Some more examples below.

Lazy Language

‘I was finking that free fousand pounds could of got me frough being out of work.’

In English - no words changed but correct words and spellings.

I was thinking that three thousand pounds could have got me through being out of work.


One, two, free, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, firteen, fourteen etc

Temicher - temperature

I am not even commenting on grammar as that could well be a bridge too far.

Mackem - my home dialect

An inhabitant of Sunderland. Often connected to the shipbuilding days where the Wearsiders would "mack em" (make them) before the Tynesiders would "tack em" (take them) to be fitted with engines.
n. A demi-god worshipped by ancient civilisations as the epitome of wit and sexual prowess. Romans and Vikings colonised the area in the hope of developing a race of supermen to help them in their ambitions. The word is based on a blend of Roman and Norse, and means "astonishingly well-endowed, funny and attractive angel on a temporary visit from Valhalla." 

 a typical Geordie?

Not to be confused with Geordie who were the unfortunate result of a Roman experiment in which Scotsmen had intercourse with pigs. These unfortunate troll-like humanoids can be identified by the fact they have to wear clothes covered in a large barcode so they can be tracked and controlled by security satellites.

  Which City?

God Bless