Saturday, 9 February 2013

Massachusetts in Rebellion - Horses for courses!


I found it a most delightful state irrespective of the rebellious nature of the locals not to mention the witches!

In response to Parliament's declaration calling Massachusetts to be in a state of rebellion, the Massachusetts committee of public safety votes to purchase military supplies to equip 15,000 men.  It is no secret that the Minutemen of Massachusetts, as well as other Colonies, have been organizing, arming and training to prepare for any armed resistance to the British that events may dictate.
Meanwhile General Thomas Gage begins several attempts to quell the rising tide of Colonial military preparedness.  A detachment of troops is dispatched to Salem to confiscate the suspected buildup of military weapons and supplies by local militia, but the detachment returns to Boston after finding nothing. 
In Philadelphia a new patriot leader is emerging in Thomas Paine who came to the Colonies last year from England.  The dissident Englishman has begun publication of the new Pennsylvania Magazine.

Fascinating stuff and Salem gets a mention again. or those who have never visited Salem is a delightful town and it features in my latest Steele novel 'Inception of the Species' as does West Peabody.


and horse

Its not possible to have the week go by without mention of horse meat in burgers and lasagne! The fuss in this country is amazing. I'm sure that if it were France or many other countries abroad there wouldn't be all the fuss. Obviously, there is the issue of a pain killer that mustn't enter the human food chain, but eating horse is hardly consuming a contaminant which is how it is described. There is even talk of criminal behaviour and getting the police involved.
Of course there is a reason why the British public are subjected to this type of problem and it is simply profit. The food companies will want to make as much for their shareholders as they can so they will do the usual 'out sourcing' to buy a cheaper raw material. The problem being that the further the net is spread the less control companies have over what is going on! Put it another way - they are greedy!


Horse lasagne

Thought it ham or beef
but made in cold Vienna
Stallion burgers
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