Saturday, 16 February 2013

On the brink? - Poetry book

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 It is this idea that gives momentum.

Even if you are writing something other than adventure, SF, Murder, mystery or other action based novels, the momentum that you need to compel readers to keep reading is to take them to the edge. It may be in a love story or a coming of age tale but there will be moments when you have the opportunity to build tension. It is, I suppose, rather like the cliffhangers at the end of soaps that encourage you to tune in next time for resolution.
This is where the planning process is important. I am not the world's best at planning but if you think through the major events in your story and where they will occur then you can build up to exciting episodes, successes or disasters. In my 3rd Steele novel, 'The Biter Bit', I engineered a setback for our hero and that allowed me to develop tension and also Patrick Steele's skills. Hopefully, that has encouraged my readers to turn to the next page.

At the moment I am on Chapter 15 of the 5th Steele book and because of my loose planning I have options and I have changed my mind as to what will happen next. Obviously, I am not going to divulge what that will be but I'm quite excited about the prospect.

As indicated at the top of this piece I have had a free weekend for my first poetry collection and it seems to be going quite well. However, I have many more poems that I've written and could publish a larger volume than the above but my regular publisher - - don't publish poetry and the Amazon Create process I found less than satisfactory.

Anyone got any suggestions for self-publishing collections of poems?

I would greatly appreciate any helpful advice 

God Bless