Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Poetry Thursday 51 - Oscars

Now you mustn't get me wrong I am an avid film fan and always have been. I spent my formative years watching Sunday afternoon films with my Dad. The very first competition I ever won was linked to the film 'Kidnapped' and the Saturday morning film club at our local cinema. I can even remember Ronald Reagan in the 'B' class western films in which he used to perform! I just think that the Oscars, Baftas etc are over extravagant and even, in these stringent times, insulting to the ordinary people. Still there is a justification in the poem - read on!

The Oscars

All the glitz and sparkle displayed
for roles in films that they’ve made
and as if that is not enough
then it’s off to parties to strut their stuff.

A wide range of subjects in which they’re involved
stories that sometimes are not resolved
but open the doors for money spinning sequels
that rarely are the originals equals.

Beautiful ladies in designer frocks.
Men in black suits with perhaps shiny socks.
The runway in red cuts a shiny swath.
 The sycophantic media line the path

The acceptance speeches are often lacking.
Idols without scripts have no backing.
Covering empty heads with noise and bluff
Aimless gibbering is not good enough

Is it necessary for such self-congratulation?
Do ALL the public pour out their adulation?
Or are the glittering stars slightly tarnished?
And is the shiny junket over-garnished?

There IS a place for such diversion
but let us keep it in proportion.
Watchers look to escape the common grind
to seek re-balance of their mind.

It is no more than a job of work,
no great skill CAN deliver every perk.
A consummate liar would be a success.
Pretending is what it is – nothing more or less.

And yet there is a wonderful magic to see,
an escapism designed to set us free.
Tantalisingly close that WE may play
and perhaps even become famous ourselves one day.

But all I ask is that the lucky stars
orbiting glittering scenes in their fancy cars
remember those that are less fortuitous
and share their bounty – show they are generous.

 ©David L Atkinson February 2013

God Bless