Friday, 1 February 2013

Power of imagination - thought transfer

Monty Wildhorn: Imagination is the most powerful force known to man

 from the Magic of Belle Isle

I love my films; writing novels and poetry; and, imagination. I also love the way my imagination can be triggered by a chance word or situation. Sometimes these stimuli come from real life and some from the vast world of imagination itself.
I quite like to think about what could be going on in various situations right here and now. 
For example, I watch a lot of soccer and after a first half where there may have been a lack of commitment I often think about what the manager will be saying to the players and how the players will be feeling.
I could be sitting having breakfast and a stray thought about the Prime Minister and what he is having for breakfast pops into my head.
Any new situation may trigger this thought transference. For that is what it could be likened to if the imagined situation is detailed enough. Oh I know that your thoughts can't influence any action that is going on elsewhere but they can observe. Obviously the intensity of your ideas will depend upon your own experiences. I have watched performances at the Royal Albert Hall and, having been on stage there myself, I know what the waiting area off stage is like so it is less difficult to imagine what performers are experiencing while they wait.
Similarly, if you have travelled on a cruise ship your descriptions of experiences, situations and occurrences add richness to your narratives. All of the experiences of your life can be bent to shape the stories that you write and they are legitimate because you experienced them. Not quite so simple for those of us who write historical or SF tales!

I began reading the above this week. It is a doorway into the 16th century and the life of Thomas Cromwell during the reign of Henry VIII. This story has won the Man Booker Prize as has the sequel and is a weighty tome. It is accessible however, and I am enjoying the experience so far. You have to admire the author's skill at describing life five hundred years ago but she does it really well. The scale of the research including into the language style of the time, must have been a colossal undertaking but has been done brilliantly. I would recommend that you have a go.

Back to the idea of thought transference. The ability to send your mind's eye into other situations, stock that situation with whoever you wish and then manipulate their behaviour to do your bidding. What amazing power! 
Enjoy yourselves!

God Bless