Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Dark side of St Valentine's Day

I think he looks rather sad!

I'll be totally honest and up front - I am not a fan of Valentine's Day. Like many such celebrations eg Halloween, it has become an opportunity for card and cheap gift manufacturers, and florists, to make money. I have no problem with people making money however I do feel that there is a fine line between opportunity and exploitation. Neither am I a killjoy over people enjoying each others love and showing it. For me it is rather like presents at Christmas and has greater levels of relevance to the young although not exclusively so.

As I said in Poetry Thursday 49 yesterday I had two attempts to write a seasonal poem extolling the virtues of the day. I decided not to share one on the day but as this will be seen on the 15th well here goes:-

A different view of Valentine’s Day

A commercialised anticipation.
A day intended to celebrate love.
Each person waits with some expectation
of a sign that doesn’t come from above.

Roses are red, white, yellow, blue and gold.
So important to make someone happy.
But who will give love to those who are old
that will make Valentine’s Day less crappy?

The reality could be emptiness
for many Greys who are living alone.
None will alleviate the loneliness
of a day designed only for the young.

Compelled to worship an idol of gold
rather than a precious partner of old.
©David L Atkinson January 2013

This poem is in the style of a sonnet which I chose because I felt it appropriate for the day but when I came to write it my feelings didn't seem to fit. This is the reason I didn't publish it yesterday. There were other justifications for not going ahead one of which was quality and I'm sure for those writers reading this they will be able to empathise with that position. However, I have a degree of the 'publish and be damned' attitude which sometimes overtakes common sense. One disclaimer I must make is that this is in no way a direct reflection of my own life experiences - a sonnet wouldn't be long enough! The idea of this sonnet is a generic criticism of commercialism and the treatment of our older generations in western society.

God Bless