Thursday, 28 February 2013

Where ideas come from? - magic of writing.

Since I began writing more consistently I have noticed something I consider to be quite special. People want to be involved. Sometimes they don't know how to be involved but they make interesting suggestions and offers, or just tell you what they are reading. I suppose that is the magic of writing. I always delight in the fact that friends, relatives and others are interested. I suppose it partly comes from the fact that everyone has experience of writing something, in varying degrees and for different purposes. So when someone suggests that I write a book about whatever, I listen with interest. It may be the best idea ever or lead to a wealth of useful material.

Yesterday I was given an idea, a very good idea for an SF book that interests me. Like many good ideas it has a basis in fact that I actually came across on one of those prophetic news/science programmes on the BBC. I had forgotten about the technology but there are links to my next novel tentatively entitled 'Cessation' but I think it will stand alone very well.

Tested, the photocopier that'll one day make a Stradivarius

The above was a headline in the Daily Mail and concerns the technology that I refer to above.

Matthew Walker creates a small plastic nut with the Thing-O-Matic with the machine that turns objects from 2D computer images into moulded forms

It is a sort of 3D printer that you can plug into your computer and produce a 'real' object from the image on the screen. The possibilities are endless.

What would you 'print out'?


3D Printer

Object on the screen
Press print and it blossoms forth
No vase of flowers
©David L Atkinson February 2013

God Bless