Monday, 18 March 2013

A Tuesday Recipe - Mother's Praline

 From the W.I. recipe book!

I know this is impossible to read with any degree of accuracy but I include it as a piece of history and nostalgia. Mum used to make this whenever we had guests to stay and it was always a big hit. I have tried it as I rarely make sweet things and it is time that I made the effort. Also we have just had Mother's Day and the rapidly approaching Easter celebration.

 Chocolate Praline
Full recipe on the TAB above.

There isn't a 'new recipe for a main meal this week because I made my Japanese curry which is on the Recipe TAB above. However, because variety is the spice of life, I served this deliciously different curry with rice, pasta and pitta bread on different days. By using wholemeal varieties to accompany the meal there is added healthy benefits. The curry itself uses potatoes, carrots, onions and on this occasion stewing beef as well as the curry tablet bought from and as such does not contain added fat or stock that may be high in salt. In fact the only ingredient added, because I like it was a diced parsnip.

 A Japanese Curry

God Bless