Monday, 4 March 2013

A Tuesday Recipe - Pasta with ham & minty pea pesto

This is a cracking meal if you like ham and pasta. Carbonara officienados would like this. Not only that but for a ham fisted chef like myself it is easy to do.
Each serving provides 487 cals is low fat and gives 1 of your 5 a day!
The full recipe is on the TAB above.

The other thing that I've been trying out this week is doing things with vegetables. I cooked myself a meat loaf and have served it up with different combinations of vegetables. I always try to do as the doctor ordered and get my five a day which I usually manage if with a little obfuscation at times. Below I have reproduced a couple of examples.
This one includes roasted carrots, parsnip and mushrooms with peas and green beans in a mint sauce which was made the same way as the pea pesto above.

This meal has the same pea and bean pesto with carrot mash but I indulged myself with the mushrooms. I fried a clove of garlic added the mushrooms and continued to cook for 5 minutes then stirred in a desert spoon of creme fraiche and 25g of strong cheddar cheese. I finished this off with some thyme and black pepper and I enjoyed the end result. In fact if you wanted cheesy mushrooms on toast this would make a really tasty snack/supper.

God Bless