Thursday, 28 March 2013

A Writing Raisin d'Etre

Stephen Woodfin didn't realise this when he wrote his blog for today but I was thinking along similar lines mainly because my blog is approaching 100 000 visits. His blog is well worth a visit and I agree with everything he says.

However, I was also considering who my visitors are.

United States
United Kingdom

These are the top ten countries which have registered visits in the last month. Of course it could be the same person from each country but once the number of visits exceeds 30 I rather doubt that. I am also aware of visits from China, India, Indonesia and more.
So this blog is global, not massive but widespread. I am very grateful to every single person who has bothered to look once and who then repeats their visit. One of the purposes of writing daily, as Stephen says, is to keep in practice as well as to spread the word of my books.

When it comes to visiting my blog I wonder about my friends and relatives. I think some visit sometimes, or at least I hope they do, if for no other reason than to see what the scatty writing person is up to now. It would be disappointing if none in this group ever visited. On the other hand it is probably not surprising because they see and talk to me quite regularly but the point is that writing is from the soul and part of the inner life whereas what they see and speak to is the outer life.

That leads nicely on to something else I read this morning about self-esteem. I have always had a problem in this area and at its worst led me into clinical depression and you may wonder why someone with that tendency would become involved in writing. Let's face it with rejection letters, low sales linked to hours of soul searching, and delivery into the public domain where you can be exposed to know-it-all arses, who have never written an original thing in their lives, so that they can criticise your work - I must be mad!
This article was an advertisement for The Esteem Engine for helping with issues around this problem and of course requires money! However, it did have some rather interesting points to make and came out with such things as:-

'If someone continually puts you down that is their problem with relationships and nothing to do with your self-esteem'


A friend pointed out to me that if I didn’t like myself it was actually disrespectful to expect someone else to love me or offer me a well paid position.
“Why,” he asked me, (showing no mercy), “would you give someone a gift you yourself considered junk?”

It also uses Dawn French as an example of how to be comfortable in your own skin.

Dawn French is a wonderful woman.  Many people – both men and women – would say that she’s beautiful and sexy.  She has also been, for most of her life – very overweight.
That’s a rare combination.  I don’t know her personally, but I’m also a great admirer and fan of hers.  I’ve even heard her answer interview questions about her weight and what she says, more or less, is simply …

…this is me! (a paraphrase)

'A book is a friend that does what no friend can do - stay quiet when you want to think!'

A bit of a mixed bag! In conclusion all of the above is about the fact that regular writer's do so from the inside whether the genre they work in is novels, poetry or something else. The output is from within and is often an analysis of the world in some way. If you are wondering if you can write - I began with a daily diary - stop wondering, of course you can. The polish comes with practice but there is still no guarantee of million's in return. It has to be remembered that of every 1000 writer's accepted by publishing houses only around 7 make it big! The important thing is that everyone has a right to write.
So if you are interested in finding out more the books are for sale and links are at the right side of this page. The poetry is a tiny volume packed with what I hope is useful information about poetic styles as well as poems that I have created.

God Bless