Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Batman alive and well and living in Bradford

 This is for real!

A man dressed as the caped crusader Batman has handed over a wanted man at a Bradford police station before disappearing into the night.
Police said the costumed crime-fighter marched the 27-year-old man into Trafalgar House Police Station in the early hours of 25 February.
The man was charged with handling stolen goods and fraud offences.
Police said: "The person who brought the man in was dressed in a full Batman outfit. His identity remains unknown."
The suspect will appear before Bradford magistrates on Friday.

I wish. This really caught the imagination and obviously there was a reasonable explanation but the twinge of excitement in the way the article was presented was tangible. Could you imagine if a real live super hero emerged in our midst what the reaction would be. More material to work with for the writers of the world.
The explanation is somewhat less romantic and doesn't really bare repeating but 'Batman's real name is Stan!

An Ode to Stan - Read aloud in a Yorkshire accent.

Northern Super Hero

When Batman came to Bradford
it made the national news.
The caped crusader caught a thief
and handed him to the screws.

The Dark Knight didn’t seem as trim
as he used to be!
His beer belly stretched his suit
and it were baggy at the knee.

Still the original intention was good
and a crime was solved.
Afterwards Batman disappeared
as if he had dissolved.

There were no sign of Robin
his voice will have broken by now.
Perhaps his Mam wouldn’t let him play out
because they’d had a row!

The truth of the matter – the crusader’s
name is Stan.
But the excitement generated was tangible.
Seems we all need a Batman!

©David L Atkinson March 2013

God Bless