Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Inclement weather - A walk on the wild side!

I try to include a couple of miles walk at least four days each week. If I didn't they would be wheeling me round in a wheel barrow in no time. I recently re-discovered a book that I'd used for local walks entitled '50 Walks in West Yorkshire'

The planned routes are between 3 and 5 miles long and with a bit of judicious pruning can be shortened. I walked round Newmillerdam and took the two photos below mainly because I was surprised at the quantity of unmelted ice still on the surface of the water.

 Swans on ice.

The big news today is that the south of England has been hit by snow and once again travel disruption is legion. People stuck in cars for 12 hours and more, gridlock, emergency services stretched and the Highways Agency claiming that they did prepare adequately. That in itself is inaccurate!

 A gull walks on water!

The snap above is around 10 feet from the shore with one gull walking on the ice and other water fowl in the water.

They are rabbiting on in the news about the Jimmy Savile sex exploitation case saying it could happen again. Yes it could and mainly because when a person becomes a celebrity they are no longer treated like us ordinary mortals. I heard the Durham City Chief of Police say that the case was more complicated because he was a celebrity. I'm sorry but that is the crux of the matter. He used his celebrity status to abuse children and if he'd been treated like an ordinary man he would have been stopped in 1964 and how many subsequent victims would have been saved the torture of having to put up with his inappropriate behaviours?

Pointless Quiz

Alexander Armstrong asked for a poem well here goes.


Every day at five fifteen
there is little point in tuning in
Xander and Richard ask the questions
score as few as possible is there suggestion.

Four pairs are soon whittled down to one
financial promise when the game is done.
Questions obscure in the extreme
makes winning money a distant dream.

God Bless