Saturday, 2 March 2013

Is everyone online? Where are our markets?

There is a tacet assumption from the powers that be and the media that everyone is on the internet. This is not true! I was watching breakfast TV this morning and there was an item about house insurance. A lady had just renewed her house insurance annually with the automatic renewal letter to the point where she paid more than £1000 for a 2 bedroom house. She found out in conversation that her neighbours were paying between two and three hundred pounds for the same service. In fact when she went back to her provider they offered her a much reduced premium.
The way insurance companies work seems to be that if you are on the net and are prepared to shop around then you will get the best price but if you just renew automatically they will screw you! The people who do not compare the market are paying for the cheaper prices that surfers are able to access. This lead me to another question.

'Who are our customers?'

Those of us who write are read by a range of people but I would argue that those with the most leisure time are probably the older end of the population and are potentially a good market for our wares. They are probably part of the huge group, around 7.5 million in the UK, who have no interest, desire or intention of using the internet. I wonder how this is reflected in other countries?


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