Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Poetry Thursday 53 - Speed writing and a haiku mantra.

Haiku Mantra

is the most powerful force
given to mankind.

I include the above, which I might add is not original, because in a sense it is the antithesis of writer's block. I can honestly say that in the last three years I have never had a problem but then I am not under pressure to write but I do like the above sentence and everything that it embraces.

I was watching a quiz programme yesterday and one of the contestants said that she occasionally wrote the verses in greeting cards. The quizmaster asked her if she'd prepared something for the show to which she just looked awkward and said no. I felt for her. It spurred me on to thinking about the speed at which I write on occasions and there is a fairly simple equation and that is:-

The more upset I feel about an issue = The faster I write

I am not going into editing and polishing but the emotional nature of writing poetry often requires an immediate response eg.


Rude for fifty years
Media lauds superstars
Police feel the draught.
©David L Atkinson March 2013

Jimmy Savile was in the news again yesterday!


No Spark

Power frozen out
All will die without a jolt.
Warning signs were there.
©David L Atkinson March 2013


Deep from inside the soul the words emerge
sometimes as a dolphin leaping from the sea,
at others like the tunes from a funeral dirge,
but nevertheless striving to be free.

On occasions the result is pleasurable
and describes a sense of control.
At other times the effects are immeasurable
as if hurtling towards some perceived goal.

Their presence is undeniably compelling,
impossible to ignore.
An addiction whose affect is unknowing
and holds the heart in its iron claw.

Is there escape from this interment?
Or am I happy to remain
buried in the runes of awareness,
a modicum of satisfaction to attain.
©David L Atkinson March 2013

God Bless