Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Poetry Thursday 55 - Vice versa

As samples of poetry being an emotional response to a variety of experiences these two are good examples. They are my feelings as the result of a meeting that I was part of and yet felt to be isolated within. Have you ever been in a room full of people and suddenly realised that you are alone? It was no one's 'fault' just the way things panned out and an example of people wishing to maintain their own status quo at the cost of everyone else.
The second poem is a result of rationalisation of the situation that will allow me to continue with the committee for now. It must be remembered that rationalisation is the public face of a compromise that is satisfactory to a degree but not wholly satisfactory.

I am getting better

Insignificance is a state of being almost attained.
Open your mouth and have words ignored.
Categorised as of no importance.

The worst is apparent interest but
reality shows a lack of relativeness
a dismissiveness - politeness which is sick.

They think you’re an idiot but have to put up with you.
No respect but lip service to your ideas.
A waste of time!

Where do I fit – if anywhere?
Why do I not fit?
There is no solace in being alone.

The bottom line is that nobody cares.
Everyone needs to preserve their status quo
to the detriment of the individual!
 ©David L Atkinson March 2013

Feeling Better

All it took was an email.
Let the crap go!
A phone call,
Time to reconsider.
To take stock of positions.
Good to know.
No solitude.
Collective repaired.
Until the next time!
©David L Atkinson March 2013

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God Bless