Friday, 15 March 2013

Star Wars art and entertainment.


I love the Star Wars films, particularly the first three numbered IV, V and VI! Great entertainment to be had there is. I even have a Yoda greeting on my smart phone for incoming texts. Of course my children, my daughter in particular, have been subjected to a certain amount of subliminal, if harmless, brain washing. It wasn't a surprise then when she published a photograph of a frieze painted on a brick wall in Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire. The approach to the place where the artwork is situated is not particularly attractive but you have to admire the work as it brightens up a rather drab area.

Views to the left and right of Yoda

The work itself covers approximately 100 feet in length and is around 7 feet high. The signature was difficult to make out but whoever did this should be celebrated for their skills.

 Darth Vader

As writers know a good villain can make a story and Darth a good villain he was. Perhaps I should do a piece on villains one day but the villain in the latest James Bond film makes my skin crawl.  Javier Bardem. My apologies for wandering from the point but he is the epitome of evil. Darth was rather 'cuddly' in a plastic sort of way. The asthmatic gasping, his faith in the dark side shaken and yet his power was immense. Remove the headgear and his vulnerability was complete.
 Darth unmasked bless him!

Luke: The force is strong in my family. My father has it, I have it and my sister has it. (meaningful look at Leia)

 The Princess is sexy irrespective of costume!   

When we write, subconsciously or otherwise, we strive for acceptance of our ideas and themes, our characters and events, and, our heroes and villains. All this irrespective of the genre. When constructing a central character we like to be even more able in having the 'everyday' aspect of their lives, often in the shape of a weakness or two, so that our readers can identify with the hero or heroine. Star Wars had everything in the first film. There was the tragedy of Luke's aunt and uncle being killed, his impatience, which ran through into the second film, and heartless villains that as an audience you have no problem with them being destroyed. 
No doubt about it - for me a great ride this was!

God Bless