Sunday, 3 March 2013

The Steele Novels - Where to now?

On this weekend when I'm promoting my books on Smashwords, receiving ideas from others and writing the latter stages of my 5th Steele novel it is natural to consider where to for Patrick A Steele? In point of fact my next book will not be about the man, it won't be written in the first person and it will be set in the future. There are other ideas buzzing around my head also but  have to decide what to do with Steele.
Do you remember those mysteries you could buy with alternative endings - never my cup of tea - well my thinking on Steele is rather like that. I have two or three alternatives but unlike those earlier mysteries I will not leave it up to the reader. It would be too disturbing for my obsessive compulsive nature!
There are examples even now of this genre the most recent famous story being 'The Life of Pi' giving the opportunity of two interpretations of how the protagonist's story should be interpreted.

 The Life of Pi by Yann Martel

Back to Steele. As I feel today it is unlikely that he will be killed off as he is my first lead character and I may return to him. Whatever I decide, in thinking about the ending it has re-kindled the almost parental feeling of responsibility for the character. You'll have to wait and see.

You may have also noticed that my 4th novel 'A Changed Reality' has been rather neglected. It is not on Smashwords for one thing. The main reason for that is the company have changed the rules for the size of the book cover and after several hours of trying to get it included and failing I gave up. It is available in paperback from and Amazon and also for the Kindle. As yet I have not seen any reviews and so things are a bit slow. If any of my readers fancy taking the plunge I would be very grateful.


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