Thursday, 7 March 2013

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Murder on the Bus

Tributes were paid today to a 16-year-old girl stabbed to death as she travelled to school on a busy bus in Birmingham city centre.

Imagine the scene. A 16 year old gets herself up and dressed, may eat breakfast, there could be arguments about the way she dresses or that she won't eat properly; she kisses her parents good bye and sets off to school. A normal beginning to a seemingly normal day. The girl boards a bus, sits down and never gets to her destination. Another human being armed with a knife stabs her to death and exits the bus.
The girls parents are at home when the police knock on the door to bring the bad news. The light of their world has been snuffed out. All the plans for the future, the hopes and expectations for their daughter are meaningless, broken, destroyed. 

How parents live with the loss of a child I will never understand and I hope these parents will be okay. 
God Bless them.

Death of a Schoolgirl

Ordinary day
Life snuffed out like a candle
Winter forever
©David L Atkinson March 2013

I see lots of kind and caring people throughout the week and so something like the above pulls you up short.

It seems somewhat immoral to use something like the above news story in your own writing but its more about the emotions generated and how you can enrich your characters in your own stories. An extension would be to consider why someone commits a seemingly senseless act and try to get into the head of the murderer. I suppose what I'm talking about is emotional empathy.

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