Friday, 1 March 2013

What's in a name? - We love our titles.

I suppose today's offering is not so very different from other blog topics on inspiration but this just made me smile. The source of inspiration - supermarket shelves!

This is a product bought at the supermarket this morning.

What a lovely name but what is it? Look at the clues. Is it edible? It rather reminded me of the titles we give ourselves in work situations. My last paid employment was as a CSC! - Customer Services Consultant - and what did that mean? I was answering the phones to incoming calls in a call centre handling savings and bank accounts!
There are some crackers down below:-
  • Space consultant (estate agent)
  • Ambient replenishment controllers (shelf stackers)
  • Revenue Protection Officer (ticket inspector)
  • Foot health gain facilitator (chiropodist)
  • Head of Verbal Communications (secretary)
  • Technical horticultural maintenance officer (gardener)
  • Flueologist (chimney sweep)
  • Dispatch services facilitator (post room worker)
  • Regional head of services, infrastructure and procurement (caretaker)
  • Knowledge navigator (teacher)
The reason for bringing up titles is obvious in that we are involved in creating titles for our work. I sometimes wonder at the four titles I have chosen and whether any of them are actively discouraging sales. The first 'I Have To Get It Right' strikes me as a little clumsy but the reason I chose it was because I felt that it reflected the obsessive compulsive nature of Patrick Steele.
The second 'The 51st State' reflects my feelings when Tony Blair was our PM and the fact that he seemed to want to have the UK absorbed into the USA. The phrase is often used by US Senators.
The third 'The Biter Bit' refers to a saying used to describe when someone used to dishing out punishment is this time on the receiving end.
Finally the fourth novel 'A Changed Reality' is more about the way our world could change in the future.
The titles have a good reason in my mind and at no point was marketing my first priority but then that is the case in all aspects of my writing. I write because I love writing not to earn money - which is just as well.

For those on tenterhooks about the item I bought look below:-

 Washing up liquid!

Blackberry Bliss was accompanied by Orange burst, Lemon Zing, Apple explosion and Invigorating Eucalyptus!

God Bless


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