Monday, 1 April 2013

A Tuesday Recipe - Pork chops in a mushroom sauce

Pork chop in mushroom sauce with roasted roots and green beans

I decided before the Easter weekend that I wanted pork for Easter Sunday lunch. Usually I buy a joint that will serve three meals plus sandwiches. When shopping in the supermarket the cost of pork joints was prohibitive. My natural cynicism allowed me to believe that the prices of joints had been hiked up for the holiday which was partially borne out by the fact that I found three huge boneless pork chops at almost half the price of the joints.
I wanted to create a meal that was slightly different and yet the same! I produced the sameness by having sage and onion stuffing and apple sauce but then came the differences. My weakness for all things Japanese led me to look at marinades and dressings for my roasted root vegetables and found something that was quite aromatic and very tasty. (full recipe on the TAB) I used 3 roots - potatoes, carrots and parsnips. To add a little colour I also served green beans tossed in butter. (To be honest the stuffing and apple sauce was out of a packet or jar)

God Bless