Monday, 22 April 2013

A Tuesday Recipe - Somerset Pork

Somerset Pork with greens and crushed new potatoes

This recipe was something I cooked about 20 years ago and is in fact a fairly standard and straight forward meal. It is very tasty and I have added one or two enhancements that is to my personal taste. I also adopted a technique from a pork meal I published on the TAB above a few weeks ago. Having fried off the pork pieces I laid them in the casserole on a bed of onion rings and apple slices. I also chopped onion and garlic which went into the casserole with a bottle of dry cider. 
To change this into Normandy Pork replace the cider with white wine and perhaps the odd drop or two of Calvados. 
Such is the nature of the meal I believe it would go well with pasta or rice.

Full recipe on the TAB above

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A Changed Reality the 4th Steele novel

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