Monday, 15 April 2013

A Tuesday Recipe - Spaghetti with 3 nation meatballs and tomato sauce


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This really could be described as a three nation dish. The spaghetti speaks for itself as does the tomato sauce, the keftiades (meatballs) are Greek with a touch of Mexican chilli. I promised myself that I wouldn't make these again because they are a little fiddly but I was tempted by the international nature. I actually checked a few recipes for meatballs and irrespective of the source country they are mostly the same. You can use a variety of minced meat usually an egg for binding although in one I did come across stale bread soaked in milk! The slightly different ingredient with the above is a grated potato. The overall affect was tasty!
As I have become more confident with my cooking I tend to experiment more and although garlic and chillies weren't mentioned I included them and I also added mushrooms to the tomato sauce. If you wanted a slightly less spicy version or don't enjoy mushrooms leave them and the chillies out!
The spaghetti is a whole wheat variety and I toss it in a little pepper and butter before serving. The dish is relatively inexpensive and healthier than you'd first imagine. The 250g of meat being the most unhealthy element and as each meatball averages around 25g of minced meat it is only the quantity of meatballs at a sitting that you need to watch. I found three meatballs more than sufficient.
You could almost argue that you are getting your five-a-day in one meal if you consider that the ingredients include, potato, tomato, mushrooms, garlic and onion!

God Bless