Thursday, 4 April 2013

Health & Safety myths

Health and Safety Executive reveals 'scores of bogus bans'

An expert panel set by the HSE to expose health and safety myths said such bans were being used to stop legitimate activities.
A ban on bubbles at a child's party and a restaurant refusing to serve burgers rare were among the cases found.
The HSE said such "nonsense" overshadowed genuine health and safety.
In one case in Derbyshire, an investigation revealed a restaurant which had refused a 42-year-old diner a toothpick on the grounds of health and safety.
The diner told them that - as a grown-up - he was happy to take the risk of putting a toothpick in his mouth.
Elsewhere, a couple staying in a hotel were informed the chambermaid could not make up a cot bed because it was a health and safety hazard.
HSE chair Judith Hackitt said officials on the panel never ceased to be "amazed by the cases we consider".
"Why on earth do people think that they can get away with banning pint glasses with handles, bubbles at a birthday party, or burgers served anything other than well done, claiming they are a health and safety hazard?" she said.

One has to be so careful! AND

A police officer is suing a petrol station owner after apparently tripping on a kerb on his property when called to reports of a suspected break-in.
The PC says she injured her leg and wrist at the filling station in Norfolk, on 25 August last year.
Mr Jones said that the PC tripped and fell and that he helped her up, but did not think she was hurt.
'Unaware of step'
She said that she went towards a gap in the fencing near a jet wash area in order to access the rear of the premises.
She did not know there was a section of high kerbing and tripped and fell.

Start Quote

Times are quite hard for the industry... this is the final straw”
Steve JonesGarage owner
The PC injured her left leg and right wrist and went to the West Suffolk Hospital, the letter added.
The claim alleges the petrol station was at fault for failing to ensure she was "reasonably safe", making no attempt to light the area or warn her about the step.
The letter also alleges the business failed to display any warning signs or carry out a risk assessment.

'A book is a friend that does what no friend can do - stay quiet when you want to think!'

Yesterday I had a major 'write' on me. Not sure what that means? I suppose it is the exact opposite of what some people call writers' block. I was writing apace by 08:45 in the morning. I completed a poem, wrote a second and made significant inroads into the final throes of 'Inceptus' my 5th Steele novel.
I actually did something that I'd never tried previously. I was in a position where I had a number of choices and being indecisive I handed the job over to the central character, Patrick A Steele. He was up and running with it as fast as I could type! I like the direction in which he took the action and fully endorse his choices.

God Bless