Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Poetry 56 - When will Spring spring? & Social Class

Spring still hasn’t sprung

For all the time that this year’s gone,
the clocks engaged in summertime mode.
I walked out for my daily sojourn
and shivered along path and road.

Butterflies are finding it tough
the weather having taken it’s toll.
During hibernation some species had enough
the world will be poorer without their role.

Lambs and sheep buried in snow.
People swept away in avalanches.
Nature confounding the world we know
changing the rules and altering chances

Easter weekend was never like this
it was a time of flowers and eggs,
of warm spring days and conjugal bliss,
of young first steps on wobbly legs.


Easter is as early as it could be this year
I married in April and there was snow.
Hard to predict what weather will occur
the chill should have warned me where that would go.

Let’s not worry about the weather.
Global warming could be a figment.
It’s always been a changeable spectre
so let us live within the present.
©David L Atkinson April 2013


The New Social Classes

 I know my place!

Every so often the government like to examine the nature of the population of the UK. They say that we are not as class conscious as we used to be. I've heard that one before - in fact every time they bring out a new classification! There are seven social groups now and if you want to know which one you belong to there is a calculator on the BBC News website. The seven groups are:-

Elite - Established Middle Class - Technical Middle Class - New Affluent Class - Traditional Working Class - Emergent Service Workers - Precariat

Some interesting terminology. I went on to the website and it's official I am Traditional Working Class. I shouldn't be surprised as my father worked in the shipyards, when there were any and then coal mines, when there were any! Mother built Lancaster bombers, worked for the Civil Service and was a shop assistant. I've always been working class irrespective of the classifications the government has produced.
There are some interesting names for the classes particularly the Precariat. Who is paid to make these things up? However, I feel that there is also something slightly worrying about the classifications particularly when the government claim that as a nation we are not bothered. I think the closer to the Elite end of the scale the less worried you are going the opposite way the more concerned we should be.

I Know My Place

I know my place
my correct lane in this human race.
Dictated by birth and behaviour
and maintained by the Elite.
I know my place
I like beer, birds and
ball games of the round kind.
The oval games were dangled to us briefly
but have been snatched back by the Elite.
I know my place
Brought up with Beatles, Stones and the like
rather than Rachmaninov and Reich
a barrier there to the Elite

I know my place
well above the other lots
and towering in fact
above the poor Precariat
I know my place
No social housing or
benefits wagon for me
but saloon car and private flat
not for the poor Precariat.
©David L Atkinson April 2013

A work in progress or not perhaps, but I thought I would share it anyway.

God Bless