Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Poetry Thursday 58 - Kiss

Bestowing kisses

They use them like a Glock automatic
single shot.
Then releasing irresistible salvos
that mince the heart.

They nurture what’s left with
occasional volleys
restoring the beating function
to almost normality.

Man can survive quite well
under these conditions
but when treatment is removed
eventual failure.

Zombie-like with no full functioning
able to perform normal tasks
but taking little part hoping for the next.

They are woman.
©David L Atkinson April 2013

 They are woman!

I have had this subject in mind for a while. In some ways it doesn't feel complete! I was reminded yesterday when I saw a woman take a man's face in her hands and kiss him. A lovely act when on the receiving end but in fact the 'manner' in which the kiss was given seemed quite controlling. I suppose I'm just missing them!

God Bless