Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Poetry Thursday 59 - The Typewriter

Remington Noiseless


My first was a Remington Noiseless
I wrote thousands on it
‘Noiseless’ wasn’t a good name
but what came out of it got me through.

Then there were years of writing for
Pleasurable chirography came at times
but not frequently enough.

It’s always been on the fringes of consciousness
but I didn’t realise.
Now it’s been able to explode into my

I can’t stop it!
Then why would I want to?
Health warning for
those on the verge.

Are you absolutely sure you want to set foot into such a mysterious realm?
You may get lost in there and not find your way out!
©David L Atkinson April 2013

'A book is a friend that does what no friend can do - stay quiet when you want to think!'

I was witness this morning to what I referred to in an earlier blog about traditional publishers marketing ploys. Namely, publishers will produce books for people with existing fame irrespective of quality. Actor O'Dowd's wife, who calls herself dawn O'Porter, was considering writing a book and it was about relationships between ladies in their thirties. She'd obviously made her desire to write known and was approached by a YA publisher who asked her to write a book for them which she has done and which is in print. 
Call me cynical but I don't think she was begged to write a book because of wonderful writing talent! Bottom line - she's already famous and the publisher recognised a marketing opportunity. Nothing to do with quality.

On a more positive note I wrote the first 1000 words of my 6th novel which on this occasion is NOT a Steele novel. It is called 'Cessation' and is set in 2023. I have changed style in that I'm writing in the 3rd person this time and it still flows. The lead character is a guy - Paul Mason - but there is a very different flavour to this story. I wonder where Paul will take me on this particular journey?

God Bless