Friday, 5 April 2013

Writing and book covers - economising.


As I approach the completion of what up to present has been called 'Inception of the Species' I have begun to consider both the title and the cover for this my 5th Steele novel. I changed the title initially to the above because of the release of a film entitled 'Inception' The release is so recent that my original title won't work so now it is a case of looking for alternatives and finding a suitably representative cover.

 This would scare the readers to death!  A more symbolic representation redolent of a family tree. Or there is even the more scientific:-

 which I rather like mainly because it is blue! It is the sort of collection of amorphous shapes that would lend itself to be overwritten with the title and such.
Or just for a laugh:-

Whatever I finally decide upon there is more thought required. It is plain that I will have to decide on a title as a priority.

The information below is designed to not just help with buying tomatoes.

Consumer tip


6 tomatoes pre-packed - £1.69 cost/tomato 28p
4 tomatoes pre-packed - £1 cost/tomato 25p
4 tomatoes loose - £0.74 cost/tomato 18.5p

Need I say more?

'A book is a friend that does what no friend can do - stay quiet when you want to think!'

I didn't write yesterday but I did consider 'Inceptus' and the ending specifically. It suddenly struck me that I could complete the book in an afternoon and it would be one of the shortest I've written. In doing that it wouldn't be satisfactory for me. There are things that haven't as yet been shared that are required to fulfil the story.

God Bless