Friday, 12 April 2013

Writing and the creative spark - who's in charge?

'A book is a friend that does what no friend can do - stay quiet when you want to think!'

It struck me after the last few blogs that people who don't write, reading the fact that the characters lead the story rather than the storyteller, may find the process as rather strange. Those who write stories won't!
I believe that stories take on something akin to a life of their own once they've been started and given that initial push. When you write a series I find that the 'push' in the first book has enough impetus via the characters to continue for as long as you require it, almost a form of perpetual motion.

When you construct characters the better formed they are the more likely it is that their personality points in a logical direction in the variety of circumstances that you as the storyteller sets up. So another way of saying that the character drives the story is that they are behaving to type. It's just more fun allowing the character to take you for the ride.

Patrick Steele is not an alter ego for me although there are elements within the construct that are from my past and upbringing. To quote a much loved film 'The Magic of Belle Isle', the crippled lead played by Morgan Freeman says at one point "the characters do on the page what I can't do in real life". In reality there are no limits to what your characters can attain well only one - imagination. Steele has done and can do things I wouldn't want to do even if I had the skills and fitness levels. He is his own man.

Storyteller's the world over use their medium, and have done for centuries, to attack the establishment, stand up for human rights and to explain their own existence. The evidence is in the number that have been imprisoned, or worse, for putting their thoughts on paper. Publisher's in the traditional sense haven't the time or the resources to keep up with the wealth of social commentary produced by Indie authors which the internet has set free.

So who is in charge?

Huddersfield Choral Society

This evening we are performing in Huddersfield Town Hall with four soloists and the orchestra of Opera North conducted by Christopher Seaman. The programme is made up of three pieces:-

Awake the Dawn of Day (from die Meistersinger) by Wagner
Four Sacred Songs by Verdi
Stabat Mater by Stanford

Soloists Ailish Tynan (soprano), Pamela Helen Stephen (Mezza Soprano), Paul Nilon (Tenor), Darren Jeffery (Bass Baritone)


The links to ebooks and paperbacks are at the side of this page.

First Steele novel - 'I Have To Get it Right'  - Steele's first steps into the murky world of injustice.

2nd Book - 'The 51st State' - Should we really be aligning ourselves so closely to the USA? What did Steele do about it?

3rd Book - 'The Biter Bit' - Is Patrick A Steele always as invincible as he first appears?

4th Book - 'A Changed Reality' - Society is not what it was. Crime is on the increase and Patrick is busier than ever and his relationship with Naomi is also changing. A 'changed reality' in more than one sense.

5th Book - 'Inceptus' - Still under construction but in its death throes. The end is nigh! How will Steele's relationship develop or will it end in tragedy? Does he survive to fight on against injustice? Watch this space for an announcement regarding the release of this latest story.

God Bless