Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Writing and legacies - RIP Thatcher

'A book is a friend that does what no friend can do - stay quiet when you want to think!'

It is a truism that, unless they are exceptional, storytellers write better when basing their work on what they know. As a member of the baby boomer generation (born within a few years of the end of the 2nd World War) a significant proportion of my life was spent under the influence of the late Margaret Thatcher. My next story - 'Cessation' - is in a sense the result of many of the changes on our lives that were thrust upon us by the lady and her successors. 

In no way is the new book intended to be a political commentary. It will be a speculative SF story about what life could easily turn into, from where we are now, from the point of view of energy misuse. Obviously, the direction and detail will depend very much upon where the characters take us through the course of the story. There is a plan of sorts in place but I like the characters to grow, develop and become full personalities with which the readers can identify. Steele is such a character and those who have bought into the novels have commented favourably.
Interested? The links to ebooks and paperbacks are at the side of this page.

First Steele novel - 'I Have To Get it Right'  - Steele's first steps into the murky world of injustice.

2nd Book - 'The 51st State' - Should we really be aligning ourselves so closely to the USA? What did Steele do about it?

3rd Book - 'The Biter Bit' - Is Patrick A Steele always as invincible as he first appears?

4th Book - 'A Changed Reality' - Society is not what it was. Crime is on the increase and Patrick is busier than ever and his relationship with Naomi is also changing. A 'changed reality' in more than one sense.

5th Book - 'Inceptus' - Still under construction but in its death throes. The end is nigh! How will Steele's relationship develop or will it end in tragedy? Does he survive to fight on against injustice? Watch this space for an announcement regarding the release of this latest story.

Then there is the poetry!

I have released one tiny volume which I regret in some ways. It was too soon. It was poorly formatted. Poetry is personal and I'm private! But release it I did and like the curate's egg' it is good in parts! Since that premature airing I have written around 10k words of poetry some of which I'm proud of and much of which is an emotional release for me and so sharing is an issue.
Like all forms of writing, producing poetry is a developing skill and there are some gems and some that can be best described as experiments but if you don't experiment where does innovation come from? I would like to produce another volume of poetry but perhaps more considered and better produced. It is very much a case of finding a user friendly indie publisher and printer. I tried Amazon's Createspace but the formatting side was difficult. My story publisher is completelynovel.com and in that the clue is in the name!

So if anyone knows a good poetry publisher that allows illustrations as well as off the beat presentation please let me know!




Stormy legacy
Sad that the old lady died
Thank goodness it’s all over!

©David L Atkinson April 2013