Sunday, 21 April 2013

Writing and a moment of self-indulgence.

Sunderland  Newcastle
Speaks for itself!

As a writer I read a great deal and that includes newspapers so when a friend provided me with the sports section of the Sunderland Echo I felt it would be nice for me to share parts of the paper with you. For me, beating Newcastle in the local derby is pure delight and comes from a strong tribal identity going back millenia!

 The new manager, Paulo di Canio is affectionately known as Paulo di Cannylad.

If you are unsure of why this is a misquote, there is a pun in there replacing 'time' with the name of the river that runs through Newcastle - the Tyne. Very punny!

 Another pun - 'Sess' from the opening scorer Stephane Sessegnon instead of 'sex'

Finally, the above is a nice personal touch from the new manager which is also quite clever in garnering local support.

As a footnote the above are also pretty good examples of how the English language can be butchered by the press. My father would not have approved although he would have very much enjoyed the result!

God Bless