Saturday, 6 April 2013

Writing - drunk or sober!

'A book is a friend that does what no friend can do - stay quiet when you want to think!'

 Oops! Slipped.

In my defence I have rarely been falling down drunk but I do enjoy a couple of pints of fine hand pulled ale and a tot of single malt whisky. - Not always all at once. At times I have written poetry when under the influence but rarely have I scribed part of a story in that state. I did last night. I hadn't written much during the day, had been out rehearsing three pieces of music in preparation for a concert next Friday (Wagner, Standford and Verdi), then, because of the thirst generated by singing, called at my local with friends on the way home. I hasten to add that I wasn't driving. Once home I indulged in a wee dram of Balvenie. 
Whether it was the arty early evening activity or the alcohol setting the writing brain cell free, I felt the urge to exercise it. This morning I read what I'd written and was happy with the result.

While I was writing I was able to focus on the scene in my and therefore Steele's head. What Steele was thinking and feeling was more realistic and, as in a previous blog this week, the action seemed to develop in slow motion. When you think about it if you have ever been in stressful situations your brain is absorbing information about the actual situation but also part of it is considering things like consequences, the affect on significant others and possible outcomes. Clever old thing that brain cell. By having a drink there seemed to be a freeing of the imagination which allowed me to better see what was happening for Steele and he related to me his feelings and fears. Amazing! Obviously being under the influence of alcohol is not the same as being really drunk. If you are so sozzled that you can hardly hold the pen or hit the keys then the chances are that the ideas may be equally disjointed and uncontrolled.

I suppose this blog should have some kind of health warning in the present day of health and safety.
REMEMBER drink responsibility - I do I spill very little.

Just a quick merci to all my French visitors over the last couple of days. They really have dipped into the blog but it would be nice if they'd comment occasionally. In producing the blog I try and remain succinct but relevant as well as being opinionated a character trait that my friends assure me I possess!

 Tongue in cheek

God Bless